Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kurt Angle Shoot Interview [RF Video]

The Good
I had been putting this one off until I knew I could listen to it in two or three sessions because I knew it would be interesting even if I disagreed with much of Kurt Angle's commentary.  The beginning of this was excellent because Kurt Angle's amateur career was so unique, so remarkable and so successful.  While RF seemed to only have random questions, Angle's narrative was pretty smooth and thorough.  As it got into his professional career, the intrigue level remained.  After it got into his first year in the WWF, things were always muddled and confusing.  Luckily, Kurt Angle is a good interview and he carried this like many of his matches.  While his responses to much of the Internet conjecture that exists about him, his drug problems and his injury issues were interesting, I always had this skepticism in the back of my mind.  What ultimately shocked me in this was his comments on psychology.  I personally have never found Kurt Angle to be the most logical worker, although his unparalleled athletic ability and willingness to do anything make him a great worker.  Here though, he explains psychology in a manner akin to Ricky Steamboat, Jake Roberts or even Raven.  It made me really rethink of how I've perceived Kurt Angle over the years.  I took him as a great athlete who understands working, but because he didn't grow up a fan, he misses aspects and makes character mistakes (specifically being put over as a buffoon all the time).  Is he instead a "moron" who gets in the ring and become a "killer" as he puts it?  I'm still not sure.

The Bad
RF Video strikes again.  A great talker saves much of this, but the painfully basic questions, inability to follow-up on anything, and constant "I wanna talk to you about that...later" just kills this from being a perfect shoot.  The parts that seemed weakest were: not actually knowing about his amateur career, not really pressing the development prior to debuting issue and never even mentioning his noteworthy Japanese matches since leaving the WWE.  Kurt Angle was great, but again RF prevented this from being a five-star interview.

The Rating: ****1/2

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