Sunday, February 7, 2010

Edge: A Decade of Decadence
Directors: Kevin Dunn
Distributor: WWE Home Video
Released: 11/08
Featured Talent

Judy Copeland, Edge, Ron Hutchinson

The Good
In a fashion befitting the “Rated R Superstar,” this compilation of matches is set up with Edge playing his usual arrogant self watching his old matches from his easy chair on the big screen.  Video packages are recut as film trailers, which is unique and funny.  The match choices are good with a nice variety of pay-per-view and TV matches.  One can really see Edge's growth as a worker in the early matches and metamorphosis as a heel in the later matches.  If someone is a big fan of Edge, even if you have the matches already, this is worth checking out.

The Bad
These matches with little commentaries in between are okay and clearly an attempt to make some extra change off superstars while their hot.  That said, they tend to seem thrown together and lack much new content worth dropping the money for which they are marked as in stores.  Edge appearing in character is funny and all, but it totally takes away any depth this could have.  There is not really much insight shared and minimal comments from others.  While Edge was a good talent who blossomed into a top-notch heel, is he yet worthy of such an extensive collection?  Maybe and there are probably “Edgeheads” who'd argue that he is.  Personally, the lack of pre-WWF material is objectionable, but understandable.  Perhaps there are not decent quality independent matches of Sexton Hardcastle or even footage of him working at the Funkin' Dojos.  Regardless, it seems odd to have a retrospective DVD set that has only WWF/WWE matches.

The Rating: **1/2

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