Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chris Kanyon Shoot (RF Video)

The Good
I don't recall ever hearing an extensive interview with Chris Kanyon (he had to have been on WOL or LAW back in the day though, right?). Not knowing what was in store made this shocking because it was so very good. Kanyon is incredibly honest about everything from his personal struggles with mental health problems and his homosexuality as well as his professional struggles in WCW and the WWF. He is as opinionated as he is vulgar in talking about his career (I never remember anyone using the C-word! in a shoot and Kanyon's verbiage sounds like a script from HBO's Deadwood series in its persistent cussin'). He seems to have reflected a lot on his career and has a vivid memory of every facet of it, which is unique and gives him a lot of credibility. While some might have liked him to sling a little more mud, he seems to share his opinions without coming across as overly bitter.

The Bad
It seems as though RF could have delved into the homosexuality issue more, although that might have been misconstrued by viewers or Kanyon himself. Obviously, Kanyon is one of the few openly gay talents in the business (who is actually going to do a shoot like this - Pat Patterson won't and any others of notoriety like Jim Barnett, Terry Garvin and Chris Colt have passed) and there is a story there. If you liked Kanyon, than this would be enjoyable, but I could see some people not caring much for this.

The Rating: ****

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