Monday, February 22, 2010

Bruiser Brody Shoot Interview from 1988

The Good
Not surprisingly, Bruiser Brody is very frank here (no pun intended).  I've never heard where this interview came from, but it is a total gem.  He explains why he believes the pro-wrestling of the late 1980s is better than it has been in the past, his logic for working independents and small shows, how he flips between babyface and heel night after night and .  Of course, he kayfabes to an extent and asks that the early portion where he reveals his real name (Frank Goodish) and the fact he produces World Class Championship Wrestling should be edited off.  That aside, he very carefully and seriously answers questions without looking like a total goof (even over twenty years later!).  I am not sure who the interviewer is, but he clearly knows the business and asks Brody questions directly and respectfully.  This is surreal to see and hear and while it is not a true shoot interview (in a sense), it is unlike anything I've ever seen.  This predates the original shoot interview that Bob Barnett did with Eddie Gilbert by several years.

The Bad
Obviously, someone could really crap all over this.  Brody certainly kayfabes, he probably dodges questions to an extent, he pulls the conversation into other areas (specifically football) in an effort to legitimize pro-wrestling and its athleticism and downplay its entertainment aspects.  If you go in understanding that, how can you dislike this?  Sadly, Bruiser Brody died months after this was recorded and was never able to do a shoot interview like the stars of yesteryear have done.  Although, you have to wonder if he wouldn't have to kayfabe like Stan Hansen and others always do.

The Rating: ****

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