Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Behind Closed Doors with Kevin Sullivan [RF Video]

The Good
Kevin Sullivan is easily on my top ten shoot interviewees' list.  A big part of it is his personality - he is funny as hell, tells tales in a captivating way, does wacky voices and seems quite frank about everything.  What makes him different from other strong personalities of shoot interview notoriety (Jamie Dundee, New Jack, Honky Tonk Man, Raven, etc.) in that he had an exceptionally varied and successful career.  From Atlanta to Knoxville and Florida to Alabama, Kevin Sullivan has been all over and been a top star and/or creative force in all those places.  Aside from his booking prowess, Sully can has a deep understanding of the business and pro-wrestling psychology that he can explain better than almost anyone.  That makes this gold!

The Bad
RF Video...will you ever get your act together.  While they don't have to work hard with Kevin Sullivan, you really hunger for a real probing interviewer.  One who can ask tough questions, guide the interview and seems to have done some real research.  Luckily, Sully is so great that RF's inadequacies matter little.

The Rating: *****

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